We provide sales and marketing strategy to increase your customers base,through extensive market research, business model generation and Sprint planning and Growth hacking. We provide training’s session one on one or in group for your marketing or sales team.

  • Market Research

  • Brand persona

  • Keywords research for SEO or SEM

  • The power of Story Telling

  • Long term Content Strategy

  • Building Content Creation Framework

  • Social Media strategy

Our strategy session helps define your brand identity, your prospect’s persona, customer‘s journey to better help your website creation. It helps drive sales to the pipeline and increase customer’s conversion.


We make your website beautiful and we put time think about it. Strive is about a framework: Growth Design Driven. We follow this specific framework to increase conversion on your website:

  1. Goals

  2. Understanding what your customer

  3. Creating Buyer Persona

  4. Developing Journey Map

  5. Creating a website-specific strategy

  6. Brainstorming your wish list

This framework guides us through your website design. Click here to understand the framework.


What is growth hacking? We don’t just drive leads to your website, we experiment with data we collect. we focus on awareness, acquisition, activation, retention, revenue and referral.

We are looking for viral factor, by combining the following services to attract customers to your website or landing page :

  • Content marketing

  • Search engine OPTIMIZATION (SEO)

  • Email marketing

  • Advertising : Google, Facebook, Instagram ads, Youtube ads and Linkedin ads

We Experiment based on the data collected, and increase your chance of massive sales growth.