Fed up of Marketing Projects Gone Bad? Taking to much time? 

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We support your Marketing Department SMBs. Leads, Project Management and Better Customer Journey.

What we do
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Our Customer Experience Management Software

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Content Creation Strategy Instagram & TikTok

Social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok have revolutionized the way businesses can engage with their audience. With their visually-driven format and immense popularity, these platforms provide a unique opportunity for businesses to showcase their products or services and connect with their target audience.

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Funnel Creation with Paid Ads

We create funnel with Facebook ads, Google Ads & Analytics, Tik Tok Ads, LinkedIn Ads and YouTube Ads. We are different because we test, test, test; until we get to the right result. We provide reports and strategy sessions every month to re-evaluate and increase speed.

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UX/UI Consultation | Journey Mapping

Customer Experience is at the center of winning customer comes to your website or mobile app. Customer journey mapping to understand where you are losing your customers.

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Customer Experience Software - Customer Management Automation and Reputation management

"Our Customer Experience Software revolutionizes the way businesses interact with their clients. We combine advanced Customer Management Automation with proactive Reputation Management tools to enhance your customer engagement. Our solution is designed to streamline customer interactions, ensuring a consistently positive experience. Perfect for businesses seeking to optimize their customer relations and build a strong, trustworthy online presence."



We are Growth Marketers. We understand that growth is done by understand metrics to make your grow. a crucial process for increasing the conversion rate on your website. By using analytical methods, we examine the behavior of your users to identify potential obstacles that may be preventing conversions.

Leads + Customer Journey + Reputation Management.


We are not a marketing company, we are a growth sales agency.


" Thank you Nhoé, and thank you to your Strive team, for your support and your digital achievements. We are very happy to have received these beautiful marketing creations that you have produced for us. "

Samy Hammadache
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" Professionnel engagé, intelligent et proactif, c'est ce que nous propose Agency Strive. Nhoé nous a donné un grand coup de main dans le développement des affaires. Merci pour votre soutien! Merci beaucoup 👏👍"

Farnel Fleurant
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" "Our goal was to launch a new project for one of our clients, and we needed data and possible solutions. We wanted to have strive's expertise for Google, Facebook and Linkedin ads. His team was able to meet all our requests. The Strive team was very collaborative and attentive, but I would have liked to have followed up more closely on the video and the changes to be made. They were able to develop a strategy and offer us adequate and personalized solutions to properly conduct the advertising campaign. "

Brunette Léon
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"I met Nhoé when he was part of the 19th cohort of Defi Montréal Croissance. From the beginning, I can honestly say that there have been no problems too difficult to solve or no questions left unanswered with Nhoé. His expertise in branding and marketing strategy was invaluable in developing my start-up's go-to-market strategy.  He is brilliant, approachable, cheerful and responds to you exactly the moment he tells you he will. I have no reservations to recommend strive, it is a real ally for your projects and your growth.

SaraN M. Touré
Founder & CEO | Notos Technologies
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